Working With an Editor

Working with an editor can be scary the first time, but here are some helpful hints to make it less scary.
HYou’ve just found out that your story/article/interview is going to be included in a nationally published magazine/anthology/joumal. The excitement can be overwhelming at first. Enjoy it because there is more work ahead Working With an Editor. Your job does not stop here! Soon, you’ll hear from the editor and the next step will begin.

Working With an Editor f this is your first major publication you may be in for a bit of a shock and it might hurt a little. I’ll neverforget mv surprise when I opened the attachment of

“The Picture”, sent back through email as an attachment from the editor at Cup of Comfort. It was my story alright, but it was decorated with these funny red marks all overthe pages These were her suggested edits Words were rearranged, entire sentences crossed out, words subtracted, and there were many comments in brackets- all in that glaring, editorial red. Honestly, it scared me.

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