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Research has shown that Twitter users with a completed bio have eight times as many followers compared to those without. Unfortunately, almost two thirds of users have neglected this simple step. This article outlines the importance of having a Twitter bio and the elements (do’s and don’t’s) of crafting a good bio.
Top marketing blogs, Twitter has become the social networking and microblogging service of choice, both for personal and professional users. Individuals use Twitter to keep their friends and followers updated on their current status while businesses use it to market their products and services. Whatever your purpose for using Twitter, often the goal is to spread the word as widely as possible. One way to increase the number of your followers is to complete your Twitter bio.
Most Twee Dies (people with Twitter accounts! don’t realize the importance of a complete bio, with more than two thirds of account holders not bothering with this simple step. Data collected from Twitter Grader on over 1.6 million Twitter accounts show that Twee pies with a completed bio have eight times more followers than other users. Those who also have links included in their bio have 7.5 times more followers than those without. Top marketing blogs

The same research also shows that people with completed bios are more than 15 times more likelvto have power followers (Twitter users with a high Twitter Grade) while those with links have an astounding 22 times more power followers. Business to business marketers

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