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Are you looking for a unique business idea? Why not start a fitness center designed specifically for children?
Are you looking for a creative business idea? Here’s a business concept that could be a success in nearly any city of decent size. We all know the rate of obesity is skyrocketing, particularly among the younger set Did you know the obesity rate among children is 25%? Here’s your chance to be a part of the solution and earn a hefty income at the same time creative business ideas.

Hie idea is to start a fitness center designed specifically for children. Most adult health clubs have verv strict

requirements regarding how and when children can use the exercise equipment. Your fitness center would be specifically designed for kids. Employees would receive specialized training on howto train and coach kids to reach their fitness goals. You could also have a registered dietician on staff to provide nutritional counseling. The kids would also have access to a healthy snack bar with a variety of low fat, low sugar options designed specifically for the nutritional needs of young people. This creative business idea would surelv be a hit with the millions of

parents who want their kids to receive more exercise.

You would want to provide a variety of fun creative business ideas activities and classes designed with younger people in mind. Classes could be designed around activities favored by kids and would be enhanced by music preferred by younger people. Your fitness center would become a healthy hangout for kids to visit after school lets out in the afternoon. Parents would wholeheartedly endorse it for its role in keeping their child’s weight under control.

With this creative business idea, you could also have a special room where kids could host parties for their friends with healthy food provided by an on-site cafe. Marketing to the party attendees would be a fabulous way to promote yourfitness center. You could also market by doing joint ventures with the local schools and sponsoring some of their sporting events. Another effective marketing method would be to give talks to local civic organization on the growing problem of childhood obesity. Networking with pediatrician offices would be another potential source of referrals.

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