Career Advancement

Tin’s article critically discusses four tips for increasing your chances of earning a promotion or finding a better job at another company. This article touches upon career topics such as work performance, feedback provided by coworkers, satisfaction of your boss’s expectations, and work attitude.Worried about surviving from paycheck to paycheck? Career advancement might be the […]


Top marketing blogs

Research has shown that Twitter users with a completed bio have eight times as many followers compared to those without. Unfortunately, almost two thirds of users have neglected this simple step. This article outlines the importance of having a Twitter bio and the elements (do’s and don’t’s) of crafting a good bio.Top marketing blogs, Twitter […]


Creative business idea

Are you looking for a unique business idea? Why not start a fitness center designed specifically for children?Are you looking for a creative business idea? Here’s a business concept that could be a success in nearly any city of decent size. We all know the rate of obesity is skyrocketing, particularly among the younger set […]


Working With an Editor

Working with an editor can be scary the first time, but here are some helpful hints to make it less scary.HYou’ve just found out that your story/article/interview is going to be included in a nationally published magazine/anthology/joumal. The excitement can be overwhelming at first. Enjoy it because there is more work ahead Working With an […]


Avoiding Identity Theft

Tliis guide focuses on the growing problem of identity theft, and provides some ways you can avoid becoming a victim.The problem of identity theft has been a growing concern in recent years, and both ordinary people and law enforcement officials have taken notice of this growing problem. The motives behind identity theft vary somewhat, but […]

Real Estate

Short Term Housing in City

Keyword “Furnished Short Term Housing.” This document provides a customizable landing page for an independent furnished housing provider with a strong call to action to encourage the customer to act quickly and pick up the phone. Since this type of article needs to draw city specific traffic, the short article provides multiple spots to insert […]

Real Estate

Process in buying a home

Information for home owners a bout how a 203k mortgage can ease some of the burden of buying a home that needs repairs Benefits of the process in buying a home mortgage such as, funding being included in the mortgage to cover repair costs. Additional information about the use of con sultans with a 203k […]


Making a presentation tips

Public speaking isn ‘t for everyone but you never know when you ‘ll need the skills. Whether you’re an author promoting your book, an entrepreneur pitching your idea, a company CEO giving your annual report, or a volunteer speaking at a community event, you will want to be successful. This article points out a few […]


Cargo Shipping for Domestic

This content article describes the ins and outs of cargo shipping for domestic and international destinations. Great resource for the small business owner, online or offline….Cargo Shipping for Domestic and International DestinationsIf your business sells products to customers around the world, cargo shipping offers you the opportunity to ship goods to customers within your own […]